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Need To Excavate Because Of Plumbing Problems? A Few Reasons To Consider Hydrovac Services

by Andrea Lawson

If your plumbing is backing up into your bathtub or sink, you have a serious sanitation situation. When the problem lies in the pipes going from your home to the main septic line in the street, it means you are going to have to look in the front yard to find it and fix it. Instead of calling in a company to dig up the yard, here are a few reasons to consider having the excavation done with water, using a hydrovac service.

Better for Your Lawn

When you use normal excavation techniques, a big back hoe or excavator has to run across your lawn. Even the area that is not being dug up will be affected. The weight of the equipment and the constant back and forth to dig the trench will tear up much more than necessary. When you use hydrovac services, the tanker truck can park on the street. The contractor will use a big, high-pressure hose to shoot the water directly where you need to dig. The water can be directed precisely to avoid damaging any area that is not covering the pipe. Although there will be an area of your lawn that needs to be reseeded, the process will not harm tree roots that might be in the way.

Better for the Environment

Normal excavating trucks use gasoline or diesel as they move around the yard to make the trench. Not only does it directly add pollutants to the air, the need for more fuel means more air pollution to make the fuel. In addition, oil, and the fuels it produces, are a non-renewable resource. While a hydrovac truck does use fuel too, it can get the job done must faster, so the amount of fuel consumed, and the emissions, is much less than other excavating equipment.

Better for Your Wallet

Most construction work is charged by the hour according to how many workers are involved. Because hydrovac excavation is faster, and requires fewer workers, you will pay less to have the job done. In addition, when you have normal excavation done, you need to pay for the time and workers to replace the dirt once the repair work is complete. A hydrovac truck sucks up all the dirt as the trench is made. Once complete, the truck's vacuum can be reversed, quickly putting the dirt back.

Hydrovac services get your plumbing problem taken care of quickly and efficiently. In addition, because it is so precise, there is less of a chance of accidentally breaking a gas line, the incoming water line, or any underground electric cables. It really is a good option for all your excavating needs.