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Porta Potty Rentals - Sanitation Policies

by Andrea Lawson

Porta potty rentals are commonly used during camping trips, storm cleanup efforts, and social gatherings. Restrooms go through a rigorous sanitation process, which involves disinfecting the collection tank, the toilet bowl, and all of the components that comprise the structure that houses a portable commode.

Waste Containment Cleaning Processes

A porta potty is not designed to be connected to a fixed septic tank. Since toilets are moved from place to place, they are each equipped with a waste containment device. This device resembles a tank and is connected either under or behind a toilet. The tank will need to be emptied after each rental term. The sanitation team responsible for emptying and cleaning a tank will use a vacuum hose to empty a tank. A chemical and water mixture will be used to clean the tank.

Once the waste has been eliminated, it will be temporarily housed in a storage tank that is on a waste transport truck. This truck will transport the waste to a raw sewage treatment plant. At the plant, the same treatment processes that are used to treat residential and commercial sewage will be utilized.

Potty And Structure Sanitizing Methods

Fresh water is flushed through a potty after it has been returned to a restroom rental facility. A sanitizing agent is added to a tank. This agent may dye the color of the water that is within a commode. A sanitizing agent deodorizes and disinfects the toilet bowl.

The structure that houses a porta potty must be cleaned thoroughly in between renting out equipment. A porta potty supplier will use their own germ mitigation policies, plus may use winterizing agents that will prevent icy buildup from forming in a toilet rental or on it. The sanitizing techniques will involve wiping off surfaces, mopping surfaces, and using winterization products to target specific parts of a restroom facility.

Client Responsibilities

When a client rents a porta potty, they should take measures to keep the unit as clean as they can while it is in their possession. The use of waterproof mats will keep the flooring within a restroom facility clean. Paving materials or mulch can be used to form a walkway to a rental unit's door.

The use of the pathway materials will aid in preventing rainwater from accumulating. This will minimize dirty substances from coming into contact with the flooring that comprises a rental unit. Deodorizers and septic-safe toilet products should be accessible within a rental facility. 

For more information about porta potty rentals, reach out to a local service.