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Creating A Tenant-Friendly Dumpster Area

by Andrea Lawson

For apartment complexes, having an easily accessible and tidy dumpster area is important to keeping your tenants happy and your grounds clean. Here are a few things you can do to create a tenant-friendly dumpster area.

Doggy Bag Disposal Stations

Doggy bag disposal stations can help to keep your dumpsters tidy in several ways. They keep waste contained in bags, helping to reduce odor and messes inside the dumpster. Cleaning up the waste instead of leaving it in the grass can also be an important part of combatting rodent problems in the area. To create a doggy bag disposal station, attach a waste bag dispenser and a separate garbage can for the waste near the dumpster. The garbage can should have heavy-duty liners to help contain the dog waste, and your janitorial staff can empty the cans before your dumpster service empties the dumpsters each week.

Dumpsters With Disposal Doors

Instead of using dumpsters that require your tenants to open the lid when disposing of trash, look for dumpsters that feature separate disposal doors, These doors make it easier for your tenants to place trash in the dumpsters, and they can reduce the temptation to leave the lid open. Some dumpsters have doors that open out, while others have slots that can be used to slip bags inside. Be sure to give your tenants access to the top lid even if you select one of these types of dumpsters, as they may need to throw away large items from time to time.

Sanitizing Stations

Adding sanitizing stations near the dumpsters offer a convenient addition to your dumpster area. Install hand sanitizer dispensers near the dumpster so your tenants can quickly clean their hands after disposing of trash. Be sure to have your janitorial crew check the dispensers regularly to keep them clean and full. You may also want to consider adding a paper towel dispenser if your dumpsters are situated under an awning, pavilion, or other structure. Add a separate trash can near the area as well, so your tenants can dispose of the paper towels and any other loose refuse they may have to get rid of.

Talk to your dumpster rentals company about adding hand sanitizing stations and doggy waste bag dispensers to your dumpster area. You may be able to rent all of these items, plus trash cans, all from the same company. Once you set up this area, you may even find that your apartment complex grounds stay cleaner and free from pet waste and debris.