renting portable toilets for events

4 Reasons You Need To Rent A Flushable Portable Toilet

by Andrea Lawson

Portable toilets used to basically just be a hole in the ground with absolutely not luxury to them at all. However, nowadays, you can choose portable toilets that come with many different features. This way, when you host an event that doesn't have public restrooms, you have more options for your guests. This may be needed if you host a wedding, for example, that isn't on any kind of facility, but actually in a wooded environment or something similar. Whatever the case, here are four reasons you should always choose flushable portable toilets:

  1. Keep Your Event Clean: Flushable portable toilets generally come equipped with a fresh water sink, as well for hand washing. On top of this, they usually have a flushing system that doesn't require the use of hands, but simply flushes automatically. This way, even without the hand washing option, your guests are going to be cleaner and thus your event will be cleaner. 
  2. Keep Smells at Bay: Flushable portable toilets aren't going to have that automatic bad smell when a guest walks inside of it. Instead, it's going to smell much better because the waste won't just be sitting there right at the bottom. Many times, flushable portable toilets also come with small tables where you can place things, such as hand sanitizer and air freshener, which is also going to help keep the smell at bay. Guest satisfaction is sure to be higher because of this. 
  3. Keeps it Convenient: Yourself and your guests are used to a certain type of luxury that is flushable toilets. It becomes much more convenient for your guests to use what they are used to. Besides, some people feel so uncomfortable using regular portable toilets that they will actually go out of their way to use a regular restroom, which can simply be inconvenient if the nearest one is located a far distance away. 
  4. Keep Your Event Style: No matter what style you are going for, you are simply going to have more decorative options when it comes to choosing portable toilets if you are choosing flushable ones. In fact, some even come with multiple stalls and hand sinks with mirrors for added convenience to reduce wait time, as well as the number of separate toilets you have to rent out. 

With these four reasons for a flushable portable toilet, you can see why it's definitely worth the additional cost in the end for your event.