renting portable toilets for events

4 Things To Consider When Renting Portable Toilets For Your Next Big Shindig

by Andrea Lawson

Are you in need of renting portable toilets for an upcoming party or event? Here are a few things to consider before doing so:

Is a Water Source Available?

One of the first things to consider when renting portable toilets is whether there will be a water source available at the place where your event is being held. If a water source is available that a hose can be hooked up to, you can rent portable toilets that feature small sinks inside to ensure that everyone stays hygienic during the event.

This is especially important in this day of keeping people safe from the risk of catching Covid-19. If a water source is not available, you will know to avoid the toilets with sinks and save yourself some money on the rentals overall. You could always set up water containers with spigots on them outside of the bathrooms so people can wash their hands.

Is Oversight Necessary?

If you will have the portable toilets overnight, you will have to figure out how to keep them safe from threats like vandalism and graffiti until the rental company picks them up. The location of your event should be seriously considered when determining how to keep the toilets safe.

If the toilets are located in a public setting, like a park, you should choose a place where camping is permitted so that someone can spend the night and keep watch on the toilets. If the toilets will be located on private property, all you will have to do is figure out how to secure the property so the toilets cannot be accessed by the public.

How Will the Toilets Be Maintained?

It will be your responsibility to make sure that the portable toilets stay clean throughout your event so that guests feel comfortable using them. It is a good idea to ask for a volunteer to check the bathrooms periodically and clean messes up when necessary. You can also leave paper towels and disinfectant spray inside the toilets so that guests will be more likely to clean up after themselves. You may even want to create and post a short list of rules for guests to follow that will help to keep the toilets clean during the event.

Is Insurance Available?

Another thing to ponder is whether insurance is available for the portable toilets that will cover any damage done to them while they are in your care. The portable toilet rental company may offer temporary insurance so don't forget to ask about it. Your homeowners insurance company may offer a short-term policy to take advantage of too.